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Changing to be the Change

Evolution is necessary for survival. Sometimes it is slow and takes place over several generations. This journey I set myself on brought about some radical changes in a short amount of time. There must be great peace with being content solely with what is around oneself. I however, am more of a I'd like to… Continue reading Changing to be the Change

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Love Hate Relationship with Mud

Not every element can be accounted for. Even with good planning and meticulous research you can't cover every detail. Life is filled with examples of unforeseen circumstances. When dreaming of my future jungle life way back when I knew there would be rain. Lots of it. I spent many years living in Vancouver (on the… Continue reading Love Hate Relationship with Mud

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Holiday Mash-up

In our family we have a big mix of cultures. Take myself I am Canadian with a heritage that is French-Canadian with a bit of Scottish and a dash of Mohawk from way back, added to Welsh and English roots. My husband is Swiss with ancestry dating back to the founding of the European country.… Continue reading Holiday Mash-up

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Bold, Brave and Unafraid

I get a lot of questions about our choice to lead the life we do. One of the biggest topics that comes up is safety. Living in the jungle, far from any other settlement is mystifying and frankly scary to many, many people. When I think about keeping my daughter safe there are a few… Continue reading Bold, Brave and Unafraid

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Ring, Buzz and Chirp: to screen or not to screen?

There's been a lot of buzz lately in regards to media and screen time. This is by no means a new issue. Since the dawn of the moving picture there has been hesitation as to the benefits or potentials harms. What is new is the easy access to screens especially at a younger and younger… Continue reading Ring, Buzz and Chirp: to screen or not to screen?

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Spin, Swoop & Swoon: on the Lookout for Culture

I had the good fortune to have an incredibly rich upbringing. One filled with support, encouragement, quality education, arts, culture and sports. This has spurned me to want to provide a diverse and varied experience for my daughter. The challenge: how to go about this living in the jungle? Our highland home has a great… Continue reading Spin, Swoop & Swoon: on the Lookout for Culture