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Changing to be the Change

Evolution is necessary for survival. Sometimes it is slow and takes place over several generations. This journey I set myself on brought about some radical changes in a short amount of time. There must be great peace with being content solely with what is around oneself. I however, am more of a I'd like to… Continue reading Changing to be the Change

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Fast Friends with a Side of Birthday Cake

How do you know you have been missing something when you've never had it? For so many experiences you literally have to be living under a rock to be unaware of certain things. Even for our family living in a distant very rural area we are exposed to a world of possibilities. Some are unattainable… Continue reading Fast Friends with a Side of Birthday Cake

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Jungle Going Green

Several years ago in Peru, the green revolution was still in its infancy. After a few short years the eco boom has exploded. It started with one fair and few stores, mostly in select areas of Lima. Being the unsurpassed hub of activity for the country it is not too surprising that the spark would… Continue reading Jungle Going Green

Our story

Harm to None

There are all kinds of writers in the world. I think that blogging has brought out more than a few. Much like scheduled opinion based articles being produced on a much wider scale than the newspaper industry could keep up with. I have been a writer for a good long while, if you include my… Continue reading Harm to None

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Search to Find Nothing/Something

I remember a time before the internet (yes, I am that old!) when research was a relatively simple process. You went to the library and looked through the catalogue. Notes in hand you were usually able to find some information. It may have been short blurb in an encyclopedia or if luck should have it… Continue reading Search to Find Nothing/Something


Unseen, Unheard and Imaginary

When my daughter first told me about her imaginary friend I gracefully took it in stride. We made room at the dinner table. Although I drew the line at giving an actual plate. It seems to do the trick to insist that an imaginary friend is ok receiving an invisible plate. So long as said… Continue reading Unseen, Unheard and Imaginary