Adventure, Amazon rainforest, Our story

Changing to be the Change

Evolution is necessary for survival. Sometimes it is slow and takes place over several generations. This journey I set myself on brought about some radical changes in a short amount of time._DSC2870

There must be great peace with being content solely with what is around oneself. I however, am more of a I’d like to build and improve type. I would have made a terrible monk._DSC2369

My brain is always analyzing a situation and working out is if there is a way to be more efficient or simplify, whatever is called for. This is where a few years of experience in life has done me a great service. I’ve learnt to use my perfectionist nature towards the areas of my life that require being meticulous. Otherwise, I fully put into practice the notion of it being good enough. I’m simply honest when I add to myself “at least for now.”_DSC3670

In our jungle home we have accomplished great things. Yet, we still lack certain conveniences that appear to be a long way from being resolved. When you build it all by hand everything takes time._DSC2681.jpg

The great advantage is the pace of life. I only have two hands and stand upon two legs. I can only go so fast. There are also many priorities (like schooling my daughter and reading story books topping the list). We get to grow some of our own food and prepare it together every day. We are helping to heal the people in our region with the medicinal plants we’ve grown from seed._DSC3609

Where as I once had a hot shower daily and cooking was as easy as pushing a button; family, friends and community a short ways away. I’ve changed. I live with my beautiful daughter and everyday brings wonder and amazement. And we have the time to revel in it. 💜

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