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Time Spins Us All

Can you count the ways we discuss the passage of time? "Time flies when you're having fun", "in the blink of an eye" are but two expressions that pop up. There are countless. Some of us look at wrist watches, some live in the moment, others watch the sun slide across the sky. For each… Continue reading Time Spins Us All

Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Conservation, Homeschooling, Our story

So We Plant Trees

There is a passion that my daughter has that I gladly encourage. It all started as soon as she could walk. Sporting her tiny rubber boots walking the trails of the rainforest she would pick up seeds. Mostly unknown to us we have since researched to find which belong to trees (rather than invasive vines).… Continue reading So We Plant Trees

Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Conservation, Our story

Have You Heard the World May Be Dying?

I have come to realize that I have left out a big part of my motivation for leaving the cushy worlds in Switzerland and Canada behind. I have been inspired by a great many young people today who are taking a stand and demanding climate change. I have to warn you that this may rub… Continue reading Have You Heard the World May Be Dying?

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Making Magic

Starting our business has been quite the adventure like every aspect of our journey, here in the jungle!! We chose to grow medicinal plants rather than a cash crop like coffee or cacao already so prevalent in our area. Being in such a remote location we chose essential oils as it is a product that… Continue reading Making Magic

Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Conservation, Our story

The Hopeful Reality of Biodiversity

What is biodiversity, really? Before moving to the jungle I defined this word as having every link in the ecosystem intact. That combined with a variety of each species according to their climate or other conditions. Fungus, plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, birds, mammals (please note I am not a scientific expert, this list is… Continue reading The Hopeful Reality of Biodiversity