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We Are Wild Ones

Four years ago I made the journey from Canada to Peru with my six month old. We came back to our land after being away for a little more than half a year. We brought with us several packets of seeds and my heart was filled with hope. I find myself sharing this story often,… Continue reading We Are Wild Ones

Adventure, Amazon rainforest, Magic, Our story, Parenting

Fast Friends with a Side of Birthday Cake

How do you know you have been missing something when you've never had it? For so many experiences you literally have to be living under a rock to be unaware of certain things. Even for our family living in a distant very rural area we are exposed to a world of possibilities. Some are unattainable… Continue reading Fast Friends with a Side of Birthday Cake

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Jungle Going Green

Several years ago in Peru, the green revolution was still in its infancy. After a few short years the eco boom has exploded. It started with one fair and few stores, mostly in select areas of Lima. Being the unsurpassed hub of activity for the country it is not too surprising that the spark would… Continue reading Jungle Going Green

Adventure, Magic, Our story, Parenting

The Moon is Magic

I can see you because the moon is shining. The moon shines because there is somebody there. When there is no one, the moon shines less. The Moon is magic, you know. –Four year old's view on the Moon. For as long as I can remember I have been a big fan of little kids.… Continue reading The Moon is Magic