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Time Spins Us All

Can you count the ways we discuss the passage of time? "Time flies when you're having fun", "in the blink of an eye" are but two expressions that pop up. There are countless. Some of us look at wrist watches, some live in the moment, others watch the sun slide across the sky. For each… Continue reading Time Spins Us All

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So We Plant Trees

There is a passion that my daughter has that I gladly encourage. It all started as soon as she could walk. Sporting her tiny rubber boots walking the trails of the rainforest she would pick up seeds. Mostly unknown to us we have since researched to find which belong to trees (rather than invasive vines).… Continue reading So We Plant Trees

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Parenting Peacefully is a Struggle

My title is an oxymoron, I am fully aware. Yet, what parent hasn't felt those moments that are truly struggles. It is a vicious cycle that can be a real challenge. I have read so many articles about parenting in the search of solutions. Ones written by fellow parents, teachers psychologists, sociologists, early childhood educators,… Continue reading Parenting Peacefully is a Struggle

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Bold, Brave and Unafraid

I get a lot of questions about our choice to lead the life we do. One of the biggest topics that comes up is safety. Living in the jungle, far from any other settlement is mystifying and frankly scary to many, many people. When I think about keeping my daughter safe there are a few… Continue reading Bold, Brave and Unafraid

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Ring, Buzz and Chirp: to screen or not to screen?

There's been a lot of buzz lately in regards to media and screen time. This is by no means a new issue. Since the dawn of the moving picture there has been hesitation as to the benefits or potentials harms. What is new is the easy access to screens especially at a younger and younger… Continue reading Ring, Buzz and Chirp: to screen or not to screen?