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Intentions Into Actions

Today is a day when I totally get the expression “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I am surrounded by good intentions, my own; my family’s and friends have their own to add. There are even good intentions from the public at large. How is it that something so thoughtful and seemingly innocent be transformed into conflicting emotions and restless sleepless nights?

Recently there have been some major wake up calls that have gone mostly unheard. One of which I have been speaking out against since our arrival in the Amazon. The deforestation is exponential, and no, I’m not exagerating! There is a disconnect at the moment, one I almost dared to take it on personally. That is saving the rainforest. Heck, saving the world from environmental collapse is critical. What the world needs right now is for everyone to be acting. We all live together on the same rock under the same moon.IMG_6129

When we came to begin our project our aims were not to exploit the locals or extract resources. This would have been possible, it was even expected. That we had rolled up to buy up all the brut resources and run a mega corporation. We took the hard road. Starting something radically new. So far success has been few and far between. We barely make ends meet. Now I’m not declaring this to start a pity party. On the contrary, at the end of the day my conscience is clear. But this project of growing medicinals and transforming them into products needs more time and energy than I have to give.

Amidst the sharing of the fun, the lovely and the wonderous I have shared the real bad, the horrid aspects of life here in the Amazon. It is being torn down. That is why we are doing what we are doing. We are working to offer a solution. What I cannot do is spearhead a campaign to save more than I am already. There are 2 and a half of us (not that my daughter is a half person, just that she has far less responsibility). The world needs an army of engaged activists. No more can be placed on the shoulders of those of us working from the ground up for real solutions.

Over 150 species are going extinct everyday, hundreds of hectares are burning, droughts, floods, super storms. I could go on for pages citing examples. I, in fact, would love not to. I’d like for the world to know it. So intimately in fact that action for the environment becomes second nature.IMG_6082

In the past week I have been asked to crowd fund for the Amazon, I have been asked to produce an unsustainable product for another to profit from it. Can you believe I actually started to think about how I could juggle that on top of everything else I do?!? I am often humbled by the compliments and concerns given to me by strangers. Appreciation and recognition are heartwarming and serve to encourage me. However, I ask for you: how would you feel if you going above and beyond and be told “you should [do more/differently]”??? No, full stop. The goal is for you to be motivated yourself, please. Then to inspire your neighbour, if you can.

What the Amazon needs is for you to crowd-fund, for you to seek out truly sustainable products that have socio-economic impact on the sustenance farmers of developing nations. Women especially need to be empowered along with peoples in geographic areas of the planet that have not been made as aware.

I would be lying if I were to deny that spreading the word isn’t laden with ulterior motives. Sure I have them: first and foremost I’d like for people to have a care, secondly I’m sharing our story and promoting our work. I have another important message I’d like for the world to hear: We need to stand up today as Earthlings. Stop allowing diversionary tactics or distractions. Spread the word, this is the subject that needs more dialog. Most certainly not questioning but solving!! The scientists are publishing the facts alongside the conservationists and too few leaders. If I can still believe in hope so should you. Now don’t let the children down. Do more than the best that you can by transforming intentions into your own actions.💜

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