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We Are Wild Ones

Four years ago I made the journey from Canada to Peru with my six month old. We came back to our land after being away for a little more than half a year. We brought with us several packets of seeds and my heart was filled with hope. I find myself sharing this story often, each time bringing out new details which in turn shapes the new paths I will walk in the future.

The years that have since flown by have brought tears and giggles. The sweat has flowed and even some blood has trickled. All in the name of building the legacy that is our project. The wonderment and joy mingled with thrills and heart stopping dangers (albeit few). A part of me has always been in touch with nature. I had found a part of the world to set my wild woman free to roam. It will always be an adventure here.

We have come so far yet still have a ways to go. Learning and living are intermingled and fusing. I can’t help but be aware of the differences, having grown most of my life in another part of our world. This place has become my home. One home among several scattered on the globe. For my daughter this is her only world. I try to show her glimpses of other places but juxtaposed she really is a wild jungle girl._DSC4120

I yearn to travel with her to show her other places; returning once more to la Selva. There have been big dreams of having new neighbours come from afar. A few families that might join in on this adventure to live alternatively. The dream has not died but nor has it materialized. We may have to be the ones to go out to spread the word. Not to sound like a crazy person or cult leader! Our little valley is a sanctuary far from the dizzinessb that is occurring elsewhere. What it is not is a resort or development project. Turns out there aren’t many people like us.

In simple words what motivated us to come here is so much more than just seeking a place that is green. I feel it in my bones and deeper through my intangible core. We as humans have gone too far. If we don’t pull back what will we leave for our childrens’ children? I took my head out of the sand to come to a place where I am a part of the world. Not a being sitting upon it and taking at will. I feel no desire to make anyone feel guitly, I just hope to inspire honesty with oneself. We all do our best. Can we all say we are doing enough? Heck, even I buy plastic covered stuff!!

Although not prefect we still have so much work to be done here. What I had envisioned to be one project followed by another has transformed into long chapters blending into a saga. The work is never done and the doing takes more time than anticipated. We make do, especially with the knowing that we are undertaking an incredible story. One that I am writing alongside my child whose own chapters are being added to my own. This epic life that we are sharing in the hopes of shaping a new world. A world filled once again with the wild. 💜

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