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Love Hate Relationship with Mud

Not every element can be accounted for. Even with good planning and meticulous research you can’t cover every detail. Life is filled with examples of unforeseen circumstances. When dreaming of my future jungle life way back when I knew there would be rain. Lots of it. I spent many years living in Vancouver (on the Wet Coast of Canada. Site of a former temperate rainforest). I was no stranger to the showers of a wet season. I knew this would mean lush vegetation and bugs that sting particular to a warm humid climate. What I hadn’t planned for was mud. Sticky, gooey, boot sucking mud.

Like many of the discoveries that have since become part of daily life I have learnt to deal with it. I am being honest though, I don’t like it. In fact, there have been times where I have downright cursed it. Like sliding down a hill 7 months pregnant and falling on my butt. Or being late for a meeting and my daughter looses her boots every 2 meters. The best is when my husband walks through the house just after I’ve swept leaving a trail of fresh mud clumps. Urgh!

There are some times when I can help but smile. Like gardening barefoot and feeling the silt slide through my toes. I love this kind of connection to the earth. This is know of grounding (walking barefoot of the ground). Doing this in muddy conditions take it to the next level.

The best part of mud and living in a warm tropical region is seeing my daughter play. I have fond memories of her rushing out in a rain storm slipping and sliding with glee. Squealing as she tumbles on the slick ground to bounce back up and repeat the same move. Being so dirty that no amount of scrubbing could ever get those stains out! I love that she loves it. I don’t tell her not to splash or to avoid the puddles, I mostly pull out the camera and capture the joy._dsc0335

So, we have rubber boots and quick dry rain coats. We have city cloths and farm clothes. We have outdoor clothes lines for the odd moment of sun. There are lines running below the roofing to dry, sometimes taking days our drenched clothes. And we live and I put up with the mud, and I try not to cringe too often.

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