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The Hopeful Reality of Biodiversity

What is biodiversity, really? Before moving to the jungle I defined this word as having every link in the ecosystem intact. That combined with a variety of each species according to their climate or other conditions. Fungus, plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, birds, mammals (please note I am not a scientific expert, this list is from my tired brain’s memory. I apologize if I have forgotten an important category!) All living together amidst the rocks, crystals, gases and such that make up our world.IMG_9677.JPG

Fast forward to life in the rainforest: I am stupefied daily! On our forest walks and even in our open aired kitchen I see new species such as butterflies or fungus. There is always a new blossom to encounter. New animal tracks tucked away on the forest floor. New birds appear, swooping through the air. We have lived here over 4 years. Not just a couple of months. Yet the diversity we continue to encounter is staggering in its immensity!

Of course I am conscious that this climate and the nature of a tropical rainforest is designed to hold great abundance. When we first arrived there was a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes and creatures to observe. A gentle walk proved what we had read that in the forests of the Amazon highlands every square meter holds its own treasures. All worth preserving and allowing to flourish.IMG_9675.JPG

This is exactly what we began to do. We stopped cutting every little branch that got in the way. We began regenerating the soil. Stopping the slash and burn technique that then enabled new trees to grow. The results, not entirely surprisingly: we observe and I catalog with my camera (whenever possible) an increase in variety.

The conclusions to this experiment of ours brings about more questions, of course. What would our world have been like without the destruction, manipulation and domination that is the human race? In the last few years so many species have disappeared through our actions or inactions. What will the world become if we shift our consciousness and preserve, encourage and protect? As far as I’m concerned the experiment continues. To bring back life all the while making a living while doing it.

Living a life closer to nature is not easy, but I think that’s the point. When you realize that over-abundance and entitlement ruins more than just yourself, there really is no choice. Making essential oils and natural products while engaging in reforestation is our way to take responsibility and partake in our role as guardians of biodiversity.  We as humans are just another part of the whole bio-diverse design.💜

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