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Holiday Mash-up

In our family we have a big mix of cultures. Take myself I am Canadian with a heritage that is French-Canadian with a bit of Scottish and a dash of Mohawk from way back, added to Welsh and English roots. My husband is Swiss with ancestry dating back to the founding of the European country. So, of course my daughter gets the best of all those worlds. Then we all moved to South America with a heritage that is so rich they continue to make discoveries. When holidays come around what to choose from???_DSC6288

Being far from family is bitter sweet. On the one hand we are freed from any imposed obligations; but I sure do miss out on the aspects I love. The way I have reconciled this loss is by doing more. I’m not referring to gifts, what is important is experiences. At this time of year first comes the Summer Solstice. We observe the longest day, the two Equinox followed by the shortest day. The same with the full moons. We are connected to nature and pause to acknowledge these cycles. There is mystery and magic in the natural world that is tied to our daily experience. My daughter asked for a magic wand, I feel it fitting to have given it to her on that day along with a set of crystals for my wild warrior.IMG_9019

The calendar brings us to Christmas next. My daughter asked for a tree this year. She wanted a fake number like she’s seen in the movies. Instead we gathered branches, raided the crafts box and made our own. My mom started a tradition that I continue. We don’t have a copy ourselves but I recite T’was the Night Before Christmas by heart. I also make a cookie recipe that brings me back to my own childhood. This year we have also been invited to our pueblo’s celebration._DSC6247

One week after the jingle bells comes New Years. Last year I started a cute little tradition. With a candle in the center surrounded by a paper sun my daughter walks around in a circle carrying her Hug-a-Planet. This is a way to mark the event of our planet completing the yearly rotation around the sun!IMG_8952

The most important day to come, the one with the gifts sent from around the world is my girl’s birthday. I make a very special cake, with icing that tends to melt before I can serve it!! This year we’ll get dressed up and play games for our little Capricorn. I made her a rag doll and her dad made her some monkey bars from wood found in our beloved forest. I want her to experience her roots and the celebrations throughout the year that has brought family together. As it is just us three (not counting the furry members of the fam.!) the most important days are the celebration of the births of our bodies!

There is always a way to stay true to oneself throughout the holidays. Sometimes it means following long-standing traditions, others creating new ways to stay connected. The importance is family no matter its form and finding ways to mark the seasons and cycles that hold the generations together. May you find health, happiness and wonder throughout the coming year! Much love from me & thanks for reading!💜

2 thoughts on “Holiday Mash-up”

  1. Happy New Year Melanie (and family). I read this article and had tears of joy in my eyes. This sounds like the life experience you always wanted. I am so happy for you and your family.xx


    1. Thank you so very much Sara! You are so very right, life here isn’t easy but what we love is really living a dream! Wishing you and yours a fabulous year to come, filled with joy and health!


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