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Have You Heard the World May Be Dying?

I have come to realize that I have left out a big part of my motivation for leaving the cushy worlds in Switzerland and Canada behind. I have been inspired by a great many young people today who are taking a stand and demanding climate change.

I have to warn you that this may rub you the wrong way, for that I hope you do not take my opinions personally. I do believe that there is a vast majority of individuals who are doing a lot, they are doing their best. The truth, according to scientific research is that it is not enough. So, I am going to dare to anger some folks out there with how I feel. I hope that you can find it in yourself to be kind and compassionate despite my anger._DSC1936.jpg

There has been talk of the need to address environmental issues for most of my life. About 30 of my 38 years there have been books, magazines, documentaries and fiction films (think Ferngully-198) inciting us all to action. Recycling began, water saving efforts, reduction of consumption, save the lakes, the rivers, the rainforest, blah blah blah. On a global scale, seriously, has anything improved?

We came here with all the resources we could pull together. We stopped burning, we stopped slashing. We started planting, and planting, and planting. We have not cut a single living tree. We have solar energy and harvest rainwater. Our toilet is a composting one, my husband shovels our waste. We grow some of our own food. We have a donkey instead of a vehicle. We make natural products and remedies that are pure and actually heal people. We are regenerating the soil and bringing back the forest. Our daughter is wild and free, loves to learn and knows that cutting trees is BAD._DSC2303.jpg

You might think me self-righteous, maybe I am, heck I probably am. But we are doing everything we can, we are doing our best. We are not exploiting anyone. We are having a hard time. When my child’s childrens’ childrens’, childrens’ childrens’ childrens’ children ask “Where were you and what did you do to stop the world from dying?” I want to answer, and for it to be truly true, that I did the absolute best that I could, and that it was enough.

We are going against the grain, carving out a market for our heathy, healing wholesome products. Locally, the people are not buying; regionally, the people are buying too little; nationally, well there is a market but the gosh darn postal service doesn’t ship liquids. There is only so much we can do from our remote location. We feel stuck.IMG_0792.JPG

But we keep going, day by day. This is the part that is righteous of the self-righteousness. We are doing this for our daughter, we are doing this for the planet, we are doing this for the children of this planet. We are working for something larger than ourselves. We will keep working and begin new projects. We hold space, too, fo others who share a similar dream. We have opened a guestroom for anyone interested in coming to see what we are doing. Even just someone who wants to take a break from the rat race. So I ask you, humbly, to spread the word. We cannot do this alone. Below I give the links to our listings and our pages (thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing, caring and being there).💜

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