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The Moon is Magic

I can see you because the moon is shining.
The moon shines because there is somebody there.
When there is no one, the moon shines less.
The Moon is magic, you know.

–Four year old’s view on the Moon.


For as long as I can remember I have been a big fan of little kids. There is something about the early years that is enchanting. They live in this in between state that is filled with wonder. So much so, that magic to them can be 5

I am the proud (and very lucky) Mama of an intelligent and observant child— who graces me several times a day with stories. Her wonderment and imagination are fed with fairy tales and legends and stories of all kinds. Living in a magical wood in the rainforest brings this out too. What I love to a point of being speechless is her logic. She has a way of explaining the unexplained that makes it perfectly reasonable.IMG_8732

Who are we as people who have grown to say that there is no such thing as magic. In fact there is a shared mythical heritage that spans the globe on this very topic. Myths of little folk and wee ones, dragons, merfolk and the like. There are documented cases of adults having repeated visions during, mostly hallucinogenic states but not always. Meditation and prayer can bring on sensations of otherworldly visits. Miracles take place and spontaneous healing. Mystic and enchantment, spirits and energies abound in tales told in every corner of the globe._MG_4233

My stance on the subject is thus: I say yes to magic; and small creatures not everyone can see; and winged beings that are neither bird nor insect!!_DSC2807

Maybe I can believe as I have embraced my craziness and my wildness. That I do indeed feel the invisible sway of the moon. Maybe too this is why I get on so well with the littlest of humans their eyes are open to the wonder that allows them to see what is unseen. I have always gravitated towards magical places so called sites of power and worship. To some energy is invisible. To others that are a bit more sensitive to them; there are locations that seem to crackle and sizzle. Perhaps you now this I am a little off my rocker, I probably am, even a little. But, to believe, really is exhilerating, whether I see anything with my eyes or not. So, give it a try remember your little kid eyes and go look in the nooks and crannies. Just be respectful please and don’t trample into anything unbidden! 💜IMG_8116

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