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Harm to None

There are all kinds of writers in the world. I think that blogging has brought out more than a few. Much like scheduled opinion based articles being produced on a much wider scale than the newspaper industry could keep up with. I have been a writer for a good long while, if you include my childhood endeavours. Unpolished musings continued for years yet I never pushed myself to publish much in one form or another.

Committing to publishing online every 14 days has been interesting. Do I plan ahead? Have a plan all worked out? No, not so much. Like many moments in my crazy jungle life I am flying by the seat of my pants. Sharing what is current and occupies my mind at that given time. It could be a topic I have thought long and hard about. Or one that literally floats through my brain as I set-out to begin. I am inspired by photos, my present, my past and influenced by what the future holds.

Speaking of the future.. where are we going with it? What is being collectively manifested? I can tell, as most of you can, it sure isn’t conscious. If it is we are more messed up than I ever thought.

You have to admit, we are, collectively, disjointed from the universe as a species. The harm we do to each other, to others (as in the myriad of creatures that have this misfortune to share this hunk of rock with us). Seriously, if you aren’t aware of what I am talking about you probably have your head in the sand. Why not? Denial! Sure I get it, ignorance is bliss. My big question of the week is: while living connectedly, in the multi-verse while awake and conscious how do you find that bliss???

I feel the power of forgiveness, I set myself apart from the influences, I meditate on the harmony of oneness. And yet, it still hits me: humans are truly messed up. It makes me so angry, I try to build it into sadness, but then I am livid. For a long time I ignored it, shut off the influx of images and information. But no, it creeps in, we are mutated: destruction of our environment and sexual misconduct are at the top of the list of the horrors. It is so much deeper than having forgotten how to communicate the language of love.IMG_2898

Here’s my take on it: we are each responsible for ourselves. Right, easy enough to understand, our own bodies and thoughts and actions. If we leave out theological debates and authority figures we give our power to for a moment, please bear with me. Our bodies hold our minds (some may stop here) and are the vehicles of our souls (for the rest who believe this.) Beyond that what is there: community. Alright, we are in it together are we not? Does that not mean that we are responsible for each other? Person to person could we not do more? Speak out if you witness inappropriateness like littering or sexism. Act if someone tells you they are living an injustice. Instead of squirming inside or even physically we do something. Really truly make a change in this world.

Children and adults deserve to live without harm. Being done harm to or from being so disjointed internally as to be the one causing harm. The animals and plants around us have equal rights. I know I am not alone having this viewpoint.

If you couldn’t already tell, this is a subject I have thought long and hard about. I admit though that my feelings being so very strong my mind hasn’t caught up to be express it all eloquently. It can be easy to compartmentalize and take one issue to lute against. I just can’t help but opinionate on the fact that it boils down to mental mutation. We are mutants to think and feel that this is normal and out of our hands.

Think about it another way: what if we were to treat each and everyone—human and not human—the way we hoped and dreamt to be treated as a little child. Safe, cared for, adored, safe, loved, cuddled, safe and loved. What if we actively and viciously and quickly cut out the diseased mutations that exclude this? What we have left on this beautiful world in love and safety for all of our relations. Could we not, as a species be responsible for that? I think we can!💜

2 thoughts on “Harm to None”

  1. Our thoughts match perfectly on this and have articulated this so well in this post. Keep posting.


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