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Jungle Going Green

Several years ago in Peru, the green revolution was still in its infancy. After a few short years the eco boom has exploded. It started with one fair and few stores, mostly in select areas of Lima. Being the unsurpassed hub of activity for the country it is not too surprising that the spark would be lit there. Now there are fairs in every town making up the mega city and the flames ignited have spread nation wide. From Arequipa in the South to Tarapoto in the North.

This past weekend my daughter and I had the great pleasure to be present at an event held monthly in Tarapoto, San Martín. Although the Feria Consciente is small the quality is superb. The hosts are a restaurant called Savia Madre (translated as Wise Mother). They themselves have a small selection of natural products on hand. The space is divine and the best part for us, in my experience was that it was multi-generational. Live music and delicious vegetarian food complemented the event perfectly!IMG_3998

They are not alone, many shops and eateries are loading shelves up with hand-crafted goods. Cosmetics and cacao among a good number of other artesian products. My predictions made long ago that the market for all things chemical free is becoming a reality. It is so exciting. Not only because I myself make a line of products but due to the fact that it spells an awakening. Like the name of this bustling jungle town’s first eco-fair reminds us consciousness of well-being and the need for holistic products is on the rise.

This is such good news for the region and even, dare I say, the world. What those of us living here have to offer is some heady plant-based healing. Some you can eat, like sacha inchi and cacao which are intense super foods. Other like soaps and exfoliants that invigorate medicines into your skin as you cleanse away your unwanted grime. Essential oils and cosmetics made from Amazonian healing plants are simply amazing. It is time for the magic to make its way down the rivers that lead to the oceans and the world beyond. Like European and Asian counterparts South American healing wisdom is making its way to your doorstep. What I want to see go mainstream are people seeking out powerful plant-based products. I started by dreaming of a local explosion of a true green revolution here in Peru. Time to expand that vision by going global.

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