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Jungle Going Green

Several years ago in Peru, the green revolution was still in its infancy. After a few short years the eco boom has exploded. It started with one fair and few stores, mostly in select areas of Lima. Being the unsurpassed hub of activity for the country it is not too surprising that the spark would… Continue reading Jungle Going Green

Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Essential oils, Our story

Making Magic

Starting our business has been quite the adventure like every aspect of our journey, here in the jungle!! We chose to grow medicinal plants rather than a cash crop like coffee or cacao already so prevalent in our area. Being in such a remote location we chose essential oils as it is a product that… Continue reading Making Magic

Adventure, Amazon rainforest, Essential oils, Homeschooling, Our story

Crazy Good Times in the Big City

Steping out of the ordinary. We've been doing a bit of traveling this week. We left the wild jungle and have headed down to one of the bustling, swelteringly hot cities here in the Peruvian jungle. We are so blessed to have met up with my amazing parents. We also have had a chance to… Continue reading Crazy Good Times in the Big City

Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Conservation, Essential oils

Drop by Drop

Living in Peru we've had ups and downs, also done our share of proverbial backflips. One of the toughest parts has been starting a new business. We've given ourselves an added challenge being in a remote location. We're beginning to find clients in the nearest town and villages. We are carving a new market here… Continue reading Drop by Drop