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Fast Friends with a Side of Birthday Cake

How do you know you have been missing something when you’ve never had it? For so many experiences you literally have to be living under a rock to be unaware of certain things. Even for our family living in a distant very rural area we are exposed to a world of possibilities. Some are unattainable others temporarily unavailable and more still not part of our ethic.

Take our latest adventure as an example, we, well actually my Wild Warrior was recently invited to attend her first child’s birthday party. I feel it was simply perfect timing. Being the age she is, she was aware of the lead-up and the importance of the event. She wanted to make a card and chose a special outfit: a tutu with jeans! She insisted on putting feathers in her hair (mine too!) and her favourite necklaces. Just getting ready was a big deal because she understood how to look forward to a future date!

Then the big moment arrived. Being punctual, we were some of the first to arrive. As the snacks got spread out and child after child arrived my little ones eyes just kept sparkling. It was the best of of what I would consider a classic birthday party. Just the right amount of everything. There were yummy treats and quirky little kid games being enjoyed by children of different ages. Even the parents, (well I’ll speak for myself anyways) had a genuinely good time. The highlight was the piñata and cake, according to my girl, which was as big as both her arms stretched out!IMG_4249

The ultimate for my sociable kid was making fast friends with the birthday girl and being included in all the aspects she was unfamiliar with. Slowly but surely the tribe of good friends is coalescing. This was one of those examples of scenarios that were momentarily out of our reach. We have been lucky to meet some great people in our area but few with individuals my daughter can truly relate to. It proves the truth that—placing trust in the process of life—what is needed will arrive when needed.

The truth is that I originally thought that if were to build our project and have the available land that others from around the world would join us. It would fall into place like puzzle pieces. This wasn’t being honest with my heart’s desires (an aspect inherited by my girl as well) of visiting and travel. Meeting new people and seeing new things. Being multi-faceted ladies we enjoy the wilderness as much as interacting with authentic human beings.

In case I had not myself clear these last few weeks have been pure joy. Meeting new friends, networking with some amazing forward thinking professionals and of course enjoying the best jungle cities have to offer. A real change from many trips into town that left us feeling desperate to return home. What I wasn’t honest to myself about missing turned out to be just the best of life’s gifts.💜

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