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So We Plant Trees

There is a passion that my daughter has that I gladly encourage. It all started as soon as she could walk. Sporting her tiny rubber boots walking the trails of the rainforest she would pick up seeds. Mostly unknown to us we have since researched to find which belong to trees (rather than invasive vines)._DSC8363

While some kids gather to build collections; she wanted to plant them. So we did. Slowly but surely, sadly not all of them have made it, Seren’s Forest is growing._DSC2911

What I am utterly in awe of is that she was not directly taught to do this. At the time the gardens were being built and the medicinal plant crops going in. We had in mind a food forest but not yet tackling reforestation. But this was her contribution to the project. She insisted as a stubbornly as a toddler can that trees are a very big priority!_DSC3243

I like to think that it was her instincts that drove her. Of course she was learning that if you plant a seed magic happens and from it a plant grows. She was simply driven to grow trees._DSC3150

As she has gotten older her passion has expanded to fruit bearing trees and a general love of planting any kind of seeds. But she never fails to bring back, or hold out for me to carry home; a new tree seed or two or three. So we plant trees.💜_DSC3192

3 thoughts on “So We Plant Trees”

  1. Love it. A kid who loves to plant trees. A girl after my heart. We have so many trees here that we need to cut them down. In the mountains, where fire is a summer threat many years. I love love trees.

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    1. An issue we dont have to worry as much about in our climate. But I know from my years in temoerate mountain environment that it is different. We might have to start cutting back on our encroaching treeline to protect the house. In 5 years living here we have yet to cut a living tree!

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