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Spin, Swoop & Swoon: on the Lookout for Culture

I had the good fortune to have an incredibly rich upbringing. One filled with support, encouragement, quality education, arts, culture and sports. This has spurned me to want to provide a diverse and varied experience for my daughter. The challenge: how to go about this living in the jungle?_DSC4857

Our highland home has a great many incredible, envious elements that we are grateful for daily. What I find is lacking is multi-culturalism and well, field trips to broaden our perspectives!_DSC4838

My first resource was to turn to books and daily experience. Here there is of course an abundance of wilderness to observe nature and the basics of science. Through stories and images I was able to show her the world outside our valley. The issue was how to go beyond that? Without a library and limited resources there were a great many gaps._DSC4864

This is where the internet has come to the rescue! I’ve found new e-books from around the world; videos to present her with dance styles spanning the globe; websites to visit museums. We also sample a wide range of culinary delights in part thanks to recipes found online. All with a click and a swoosh we get to virtually wander.IMG_5827

Amazingly in addition to this the closest town is experiencing a cultural renewal! Moyobamba has been a historically rich site, founded well over 400 years ago. What is new is the influx of more modern elements: regular art and photography exhibits, a movie theater, street art murals, the ballet and young street performers. The historical folkloric and natural elements, such as the orchids and jungle fauna were the backbone to the region’s cultural heritage. The added components are beginnings to meet my growing girl’s curiosity and love of art and dance._DSC4627

We are lucky to be immersed in the wild, to be wowed at every turn. As an example as I write this a huge Morpho butterfly floated past. We are surrounded by natural beauty, colour and textures; botany and biology. This fuels and inspires us! I also have a dream of one day taking my daughter by the hand and having the means to travel. To visit other lands, people and to see with our own eyes the multitude our planet has to offer.💜

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