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Crazy Good Times in the Big City

Steping out of the ordinary. We’ve been doing a bit of traveling this week. We left the wild jungle and have headed down to one of the bustling, swelteringly hot cities here in the Peruvian jungle. We are so blessed to have met up with my amazing parents. We also have had a chance to leave our minimalist lifestyle to experience all the wonders a big city has to offer.IMG_7180

I am a seasoned traveller, having criss-crossed the globe to find myself here. My daughter however, is most comfortable in her isolated paradise. In the city there is so much going on it quickly becomes overwhelming. But of course there are also cupcakes and hot showers._DSC3333

The advantage of living with few amenities and facilities is a deep appreciation of the simple things. What was once daily accessible is now rare and extraordinary. Sitting down alone in a small cafe to drink a piping hot coffee was a huge treat. It was the first time I’ve done so since my daughter’s arrival.IMG_7161

For my young child all she has asked to do is to visit the playgrounds. Her grand-parents scoured the mass of digital information to find her the best the city has to offer. Of course, we’ve gone everyday._DSC3330

Another given is that I have been able to source some new re-sellers for our products. The foreign tourists passing through are avidly looking for natural insect repellent and I’m glad to have found herbalist interested in carrying my formula.IMG_7176

We have a few more days to go in the sticky, abundance-filled, ‘vida loca’ city. We’ll be sad to part ways but at the same time glad to be going back to our forest and the coolness of our hills.

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