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Where Will She Go to School?

When I decided to raise my daughter in the jungle of Peru I took things one step at a time. She was 6 months old when we came back to our land to live. There were the basic needs to cover but also I thought a lot about her education. I was surprised that the first question asked by the locals here was “where will she be going to school?”

Priorities for me were things like fine and gross motor skills, safe places for her to crawl and learn to walk, tummy time and early Montessori-style activities. Reading stories from the start was a favourite. I looked into early academic style worksheets and activites. I had vague ideas about looking into standard testing to meet international standards in the long run. I also assumed, that she would be going to one of the local schools.image

What happened next was that my daughter started to grow up and her personality began to shine. She is a determined, courageous adventurer who loves books and unstructured play. Beyond all else she adores to be outdoors. She loves critical thinking logic and math workbooks. She would rather learn about trees, plants and animal husbandry than learn letters. We also communicate and learn in 3 languages.image

It became obvious to me that sending her to school was not a good fit for a variety of well-thought out reasons. The academic in me set about doing some research. We have certain limitations here: no library nor any play groups. We have many advantages: a huge forest, medicinal plant farm and an artist/former teacher (yup that’s me) with a whole lot of passion willing to follow my daughter’s interests. We’re also unbelievable lucky to have my family’s support helping with all the materials she needs.image

Turns out we’re what you would call “eclectic homeschoolers”. We mix wildschooling, Charlotte Mason, academic (mostly critical thinking skills) with a dash of unschooling principles. If you’re unfamiliar with those terms they are known as homeschooling styles. We live in such an amazing world where it is possible to learn from different people’s perspectives—through conversation with others, online research and interactions such as blogs and social media groups. Just like the public schooling system there are many options to choose from.

This is one area of our lives where my daughter’s strength of character has been an asset. She would not blindly follow my lead in what I thought she needed to know. I learnt quickly that no matter how much I was enthused about an activity: if she wasn’t, it was not going to happen. Instead she has taken me by the hand and shown me she is an amazing problem solver. She seeks to truly comprehend a concept, but at her own pace. I learnt to back off and suggest rather than press. The results have been amazing.image

She’s learning the scientific names and uses of plants; how to grow them and harvest them. All because she wants to. She is learning to be fluent in English, French and Spanish so she can speak to her family and friends. She chooses to spend a part of her day doing academics (sitting at a desk) and most of the day outside. The answer to the question of where she will go to school? ‘Hacemos la escuela en casa’ • We homeschool • ‘On fait l’école à la maison’.💜

2 thoughts on “Where Will She Go to School?”

  1. Your daughter is so fortunate you’re tuned in to her learning style and are giving her the time to explore and learn at her pace. And what a classroom!
    Wishing you years of magical discovery on your homeschooling journey.

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