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The Birth of Adaptivore

The story of Adaptivore originated long before the start of our farm and business as it is today. There was a time many moons ago when I was plagued with chronic daily headaches with migraines thrown in for good measure. Life wasn’t so great.

During this time I learnt a whole lot about what it means to be a human being, which of course includes myself. I also earned my bachelor’s degree. My grad project: a life sized figurative sculpture was an illustration of the great transformation I underwent. The bottom portion was constructed from shredded prescriptions and receipts for medications and the like. The next section comprised of notes from natural healers and remedies I used. Finally the uppermost parts were built from living materials and a sprouted yam plant for a brain and hair.image

At this point in my life I went from a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet to cutting out everything but fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I adopted a raw plant based diet. Cut out anything processed and stopped going to see the doctor; removing medications from my system. This health journey set me apart from my peers. While many around me wanted labels like “I’m a vegetarian…a vegan…a carnivore”. I came up with my own label.image

I needed something that could adapt to my unique choices, but at the same time give an answer to the what/how do you eat questions. One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever heard was from my father “you’re a different species, miss”. Adaptivore was born. I feel that this term applies not only to eating but also to my whole way of life.

I have lived in many places. I have had many jobs. From one transformation to the next I feel as though I shed a layer to generate a new one. This at times required a hard sort of burning away. As I have grown I have found my vocations, my dharma if you will. I get to weave magic with plant essences, maintain my art practice, teach those that have ears and eyes open. Most dear to my heart I am raising a wild warrior who is also an Adaptivore.💜image

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