Adventure, Agriculture, Amazon rainforest, Conservation, Essential oils

Drop by Drop

Living in Peru we’ve had ups and downs, also done our share of proverbial backflips. One of the toughest parts has been starting a new business. We’ve given ourselves an added challenge being in a remote location. We’re beginning to find clients in the nearest town and villages. We are carving a new market here as natural skin care hasn’t become as popular as other locations. So it’s slow going. I believe it is well worth it to pursue.image

We are saving the rainforest one drop at a time. A bold statement, yet one that is true in my heart. Our project combines several things: generating an income for our family, being in service to our community by manufacturing natural products and ensuring all of this is done harmoniously with the environment.image.jpeg

We are able to blend North American and European standards with plants uniquely found within the biodiversity of the highland jungle of Peru. We produce essential oils and hydrolats with love and care, in small batches. All the plants are grown or wildcrafted on our farm;  without chemical fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. Our products are guaranteed from seed to bottle to be pure and unadulterated. My intention in creating each blend is that you feel great inside and out knowing you are helping to make a difference while providing your skin with the very best.image

Living in Peru means many sacrifices for us, living without many conveniences. Yet, we are providing an exceptional upbringing for our child and I believe that our business will have a wide-reaching impact over time. I am proud to be a part of this project. Doubly so, that my daughter is a part of it. I feel blessed that we can share everything we do here with the world.💜image

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